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Moments Savored are Memories Made

Recently, while rushing back from walking my dogs – so I could shower quickly, eat breakfast, race through my devotions, and tackle the days emails, articles, posts and projects sitting before me — I heard a quiet voice that told me to slow down.

Being a Type A personality, I have always struggled with slowing down. I innately like the fast lane. Unfortunately, my life has changed so that my body no longer likes the fast lane. Despite that realization, I still struggled with slowing down.

That is until a few days ago.

I realize that I have special “moments” and once those moments are gone, I can’t get them back. If I rush through them I find myself full of regret for not having savored them. I also realize that I miss all the blessings that God puts in front of me every day because I am looking elsewhere.

These days I take my walks without a watch so that time won’t encroach on my quiet moments. I like to sit by a river with my Pugs and take in the warm sun on my face, listen to the birds singing their morning ballads, and watch the squirrels scurry for their next snack.

As I sit taking in all the wonderful sights and sounds of nature, I began to notice a change in my body. The usual stress that was there had ebbed away leaving me feeling relaxed and amazingly, refreshed.

It was then that I realized that every moment I savor is a memory made. In rushing from one task to the next, I had not only missed the moments but I lost the memory I might have created by savoring those special times in my life. Suddenly, I understood that it is these particular moments that God gives me to carry me through the day to the next.

These days, it is easy to rush past the many moments God wants to reveal to us.

We must make a concerted effort to stop and savor the time that He has given us so that we will have memories to carry us forward. I encourage you savor your moments. If you are with your child, savor those moments. If you are working, savor those as well. If you are with loved ones, savor the time you spend with them.

I find it amazing when we change our perspective from getting things accomplished to savoring each and every moment — how much more enjoyable the days become. So, when you start your day today, remember: a Moment Savored is a Memory Made.

Author Information

Dominique Small is a writer who tells her story about Dominique Smallbattling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/CFIDS) and Fibromyalgia (FMS) from a Christian perspective. Residing in Oklahoma with her two pugs, Dominique chronicles her experiences through her regularly updated weblog 4 Walls and A View.

Photo Credit: Alfred Borchard

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