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June Musings & Reflections

This month seems to have gotten away from me. Even this year is moving by quickly as we’re just days away from the half-way point of 2010. Where has the time gone?

Well, that answer is simple: its history! Even as time has passed by, we have eternity before us: an endless and timeless period that will encompass us whether we’re ready for it or not.

In all honesty, I wonder if I am prepared for eternity. Yes, my faith is in Jesus Christ and I believe He has saved me from my sins. That alone should be enough, but I also feel I have so much unfinished business to take care of before meeting my Maker.

Raising my kids, spending more time with my wife, telling others about Jesus, helping the poor, the afflicted and anyone else who crosses my path. So much to do; so little time to handle everything.

I know that I am not the only person feeling the way I do. On Monday mornings, I meet with 3-4 other men at 6:30 to fellowship, pray and read the Bible. Our discussions often take a life focus, trying to come to grips with how God’s people managed their lives thousands of years ago and applying those lessons to today.

It isn’t always easy because sometimes we just don’t seem to get it. Take for example Nehemiah, who was the cupbearer for Artaxerxes. Burdened for God’s people and wanting to do something about the holy city and broken walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah wanted to help. He sensed God’s leading and, spent months seeking God’s guidance before asking the king for a leave of absence.

The king granted his leave, but he could have just as easily cut off Nehemiah’s head for asking. In those days, the earthly kings of the east were as close to being all-powerful as any kings that have ever ruled, which meant that if you crossed him, you were a dead man.

But Nehemiah found favor and set off for Jerusalem and, despite much opposition and an ill-equipped workforce, managed to rebuild the wall. This man was not a builder nor were most of the people with him. Still, they trusted God and He worked through Nehemiah to accomplish great things.

I am glad God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Perhaps that describes you: someone who knows he or she cannot do the job at hand, but is trusting God nonetheless. If so, be prepared to be used by Almighty God in ways you never imagined.

Photo Credit: S. Sepp

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