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Social Media Service for Christians Launches

Sometimes God puts the right people directly in your path. Or in my case the big blue and white Ford Expedition SUV with the logo pasted on its body.

Earlier this week, while sitting at the Hope Cafe in Raleigh, NC, I looked up and saw the truck. No, the heavens did not open up nor did a dove descend, but my interest was piqued nonetheless.

Social Media

Immediately, I headed over to website to see what it was all about. I also kept my eye on the truck to see who its driver was and located his Twitter account (getFishmouse) to send a tweet and join up.

Within the hour I met Glenn Steers, the “brains” behind Fishmouse and asked him about his website. I learned that Fishmouse is being touted as a way for Christian small groups to stay connected. Perfect! My Monday morning men’s group could use it to keep track of our studies, share prayer requests and other related matters.

Special Invitation

Soon, I received an invite from Glenn and began to check out the site which is in alpha testing at the moment. In August 2010 Fishmouse will be open for public beta and will likely remain in that mode throughout 2011. New features will be added over time, current features tweaked, but you’ll be able to use Fishmouse just as you would Facebook.

FYI, Fishmouse isn’t trying to be the Christian version of Facebook — thank God! Your privacy will be protected and your small group will be limited to 30 members. In addition, you can only join five groups, thus the emphasis is on small group connectivity.

Interview Forthcoming

I’ve barely touched on all of the details because I’m just beginning to use the site myself. Glenn has promised to give WordJourney an interview, therefore I’ll save the meaty matters for that time.

In the meantime, enjoy the video supplied by Fishmouse and get ready to join what could be a blessing for the church universal.

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