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Christmas is just a few weeks away and the Advent season is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on Gods love for you through the miracle of the virgin birth.

Christmas is just a few weeks away and the Advent season is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on God's love for you through the miracle of the virgin birth.

I’ve been making some changes to this blog over the past few months, beginning with the current theme which I plan to keep for at least awhile. I’ve learned that changing themes is one thing, but adjusting CSS code, tweaking plug-ins, fixing widgets and the like needs to happen concurrently with any updates, otherwise vital statistics and other background information can be temporarily lost.

I’m not someone who likes to make a big deal about blog house keeping, but I thought I’d let you know what I’m doing so that you can keep pace with these changes.

A few weeks back I added a Friends page which currently shows just two other Christian blogs. I plan on updating that page (probably in January, long after the holiday season is over) by including additional sites that I like and think you’d be interested in as well. Not too long ago I added the Entrecard widget to this site which has brought in some fresh traffic while giving me the opportunity to connect with other Christian bloggers. When I find something that I like, I’ll be adding that blog here as well.

Last month this site quietly marked its first anniversary, a milestone that I did not miss, but chose to let slip by. Clearly, I want to honor the Lord with this blog and I give to Him all the honor, glory and praise for his work in my life and for allowing me to share His truth with you.  At first, I didn’t accept comments as I wanted to concentrate on writing and not building a dialogue, but I lifted that restriction early in the summer to allow people to share their thoughts. I appreciate everyone who has participated including those people who simply like to lurk.

The newest feature to this blog is an Archives section which I posted today. I plan on tweaking the Snazzy Archives plug-in which powers this section to make it easier to navigate, but I do like having every post I’ve ever written filed neatly on one page, kind of like a glossary or index. What is especially neat about this plug-in is that you can either collapse the links or show them with a photograph and a brief summary. I prefer the latter, but I won’t be doing that until I fix some of the related coding to suit the blog’s layout.

I hope that you are enjoying the Christmas season which can be both hectic and immensely enjoyable. Our family is picking and choosing which seasonal events we plan to attend keeping in mind that the weeks fly by quickly, but we don’t want to crowd everything else out and lose what is most important to us — Jesus came so that we might live more abundantly, He died to give us eternal life, and He rose so that we will be with Him forever.

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  1. Here in the Netherlands we’ve only just waved Sinterklaas goodbye, so the Christmas season has yet to start. Sinterklaas was a saint, and on the fifth of december we celebrate his birthday by giving each other presents!

    Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ and I tell the children that it’s nót about Santa Clause but about Jesus! We don’t have presents at Christmas, but we do have a tree.

    Relimoms last blog post..‘You will reap what you sow’

  2. Thanks for sharing that information, Relimom. I was wondering how the Dutch separated the two holidays.

    I heard of the celebration of Sinterklaas whom I believe to be the same as St. Nicholas, am I correct?

    We never got our kids started on Santa Claus, choosing to focus on Jesus as the gift and the gift giver. I remember being confused when I learned that Santa was a fable and wondered the same about Jesus.

  3. hi thanks for your post. nice season is christmas i love it and esp to feel God’s love always!

    carnations last blog post..Pacman Power

  4. You’re welcome, Carnation. Merry Christmas to you and yours — enjoy all that this season offers to you.


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