Christian Girl Fears Parental Death Judgment

Converting from Islam, Fathima Rifqa Bary now fears for her life.

Fathima Rifqa Bary “Rifqa” is a seventeen year old high school student from Ohio who fled her parents’ home to take refuge in Florida. A secret converter to Christianity when she was thirteen years old, the girl’s faith was recently discovered by her parents resulting in what she believes to be a death threat which will be carried out by her father.

Please keep Rafiq in your prayers, a young Christian who fears for her life.

Please keep Rafiq in your prayers, a young Christian who fears for her life.

Rifqa left Ohio several weeks ago, ending up in the company of the husband and wife pastors who oversee Global Revolution Church in Orlando. Rifqa initiated contact with the couple through a Facebook prayer group, but they weren’t involved in her leaving home. Rather, the pastors have been working with attorneys and local authorities to determine the best course of action for Rifqa, who is a minor.

Discovered Through Facebook

Friends of the Barys, who attend the family’s mosque, alerted Rafiq’s parents to their daughter’s Christian postings on Facebook. According to Rafiq, the daughter reported problems arising in the home following her recent baptism and the discovery of a Christian book in her bedroom. Reportedly, Rafiq’s mother has said that she is dead to her unless she renounces her Christian faith.

In a Florida news video aired recently, Rafiq was interviewed by a reporter, making a compelling case for why she shouldn’t be returned to her parents. Citing Islamic law, Rafiq says that her father must kill her if they love God and want to uphold the family honor.

Islamic Law Condones Honor Killings

Indeed, in many Muslim countries to this very day family members routinely kill daughters even if they are the victim of a rape or other crime in order to remove a stain on the family. According to Islam Watch, honor killings are an intrinsic Islamic practice endorsed through scripture and culture.

Rafiq is being represented by the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian law group who regularly intervenes on behalf of public policy matters and church related issues. After an initial hearing where Rafiq was transferred into the custody of the state of Florida and sent to a group home, a follow up hearing is scheduled for this Friday where Rafiq’s custody may be transferred to the state of Ohio.

Source: The Christian Post

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For additional information about Christians being harmed, tortured or killed for their faith, please visit

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