How Big Business Can Lead in Job Creation

Job expansion can help quickly lower America’s national debt.

America is in a world of hurt. For many Americans, regardless of social standing, ethnicity or religious background, the economy continues to have an adverse impact on the way that they live. Right now, the president and Congress are wrangling on how best to tackle the national debt, a problem that must be handled if the republic is to survive.

Whether you consider yourself to be a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent or are simply politically unaffiliated, you probably understand that the stakes are high. If you are a Christian, you may see a spiritual component being played out right now, but that component isn’t simply stubbornness, rather it includes greed.

CEO Help

Few people like to be told that they are greedy and this commentary is not about attacking individuals although an individual as well as corporate response is needed. I believe that one solution to America’s woes is for some well placed people to voluntarily give of themselves so that their fellow Americans can have a job.

Specifically, my proposal is that all 500 of America’s Fortune or Standard & Poor 500 executives agree to a permanent salary reduction of $1 million each to create 10 jobs a piece. These positions, including all benefits and taxes, would be valued at $100,000 each, creating a total of 5,000 new jobs immediately.

Lest you think that I’m asking CEOs to give up a lot, I can tell that they won’t be. According to the AFL-CIO, its 2011 Executive PayWatch survey, indicates that the top 500 Standard & Poors executives earn annual compensation totaling $11,358,445. That amount includes base pay, bonuses, stock options and other forms of compensation. Reduce that amount, voluntarily, by $1 million and these executives still will be able to maintain their lifestyles.

They’ll also allow 10 Americans to find jobs; perhaps within their own companies.

Ripple Effect

Creating 5,000 new jobs doesn’t sound like much, but it can have a ripple effect. It could also mean that some executives would feel led to give up $2 million, $5 million or more and encourage company bosses who are well compensated in smaller companies to do likewise. Or at least enough to create one or more new jobs including lower paying opportunities.

By creating new jobs, these positions will help create additional jobs. People who are employed are more likely to spend, buying new cars, homes, sending their children to private school, taking vacation, making charitable donations and more. Moreover, working Americans pay taxes, they don’t need unemployment and welfare, and these funds can begin to take a stab at our national debt. Importantly, our states and the federal government must curtail spending, otherwise this job creation plan will fizzle.

Honoring God

This posting may seem odd given that WordJourney is all about the things of God and in honoring Him. But, what better way to honor God than for people to start thinking about others instead of themselves? No, you can’t buy salvation, but you can win God’s favor by helping others.

As for Washington, D.C. politics, the following verse can be kept in mind as we petition God as the debt talks continue. President Barack H. Obama comes to mind, but so do all members of Congress, the president’s cabinet, U.S. Supreme Court justices and all others who are in a position to impact this country and its people.

The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes. (Proverbs 21:1)

Lastly, I’m not calling on the federal government to tax people to bring about change as that will only further polarize people. By voluntarily giving of themselves, the people with the resources to make a difference can, effectively demonstrating that Americans are looking out for either other, not just themselves. In doing so, God is honored and people see that they matter and are not simply pawns in an immense political struggle.

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